Alex Badarau



Lemonade Launch


Lead Copywriter


McCann Bucharest

Cappy Lemonade had no identity in Romania. Just a line, a product made out of natural ingredients and a challenge to make it known. Which we loved.

Because it gave us the perfect chance to remind people that we’re champions at over-complicating good things and turning them into silly parodies of themselves. So how about – stop. And enjoy something simple and good in and of itself.

And that means – dancing – cool & simple. Screwing around like you’re bringing back disco by yourself…less so. 

Asking for her hand in marriage? A simple, warm feeling. Doing it like in the movies because you saw it in the movies…don’t.

Snapping a selfie? Couldn’t be easier. Being THAT person that tries too hard to please the Instagram crowd…maybe not.

What you see above is a summer campaign. Filmed in the winter. But that didn’t stop us from doing a sort of prequel for what was about to follow, slowly introducing the irreverent and slightly cynical tone of voice before the ads hit. Here’s what we came up with.

Lemon, mint and pomegranate. Our three amigos or, in marketing parlance, flavors that we needed to show. We went for a specific color scheme associated with each of the bottles. And kept it simple. As you can see, it’s sort of a recurring thing.